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Who I Am

Where It All Started

Lively Libations started as a favor.

Friends of mine asked if I could help at weddings, graduations, parties, etc. Many of my friends requested specialty drinks, custom made for their events. Previously, I was lucky enough to manage restaurants that valued creativity, and I decided to give a name to my libations and creations. Lively Libations. There seemed to be a need for event bartenders, and I utilized event planning platforms to market Lively. Soon, I added event servers to our services, and Lively Libations was a full-service event staffing business. In the beginning, I utilized friends and volunteers to staff events. Eventually, I brought on excellent bartenders and servers to the Lively Team. In 2019, we celebrated our 300th Lively Event! I am small business proud, and I am always grateful that I can pour my passion into helping others celebrate their special day!

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